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Books change lives. Listen To Your Heart and Rewrite Your Story is no different. It is a book about transforming lives through life coaching.

Listen to Your Heart and Rewrite Your Story

Do you feel lost? Stuck? Numb? Are you still searching for who you want to be when you grow up?

90 days can lead you to transformation – and solutions to these issues. Does this transformation really work? Have you even heard of life coaching? Perhaps “life coaching” sounds a little scary to you because it is an unknown. By working with a Certified Life Coach, your life can and will be transformed in 90 days.

Listen to Your Heart and Rewrite Your Story takes you inside the coaching process. Follow the stories of Sally, Isabelle and Joyce as they rewrite their stories, make decisions, step out of their comfort zones and create new lives for themselves, full of possibilities.

You too can have a life transformed. Sometimes it takes listening to your heart and asking yourself powerful questions: What is not working for me? Who am I and what have I been designed to do? What comes naturally to me? What excites me? And then… stepping out of that comfort zone and trying something different and new. A fulfilling future awaits.
Listen to your heart and begin rewriting your story…


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Listen To Your Heart

“I believe that everyone has at least one book in them. In fact, each of us are walking ‘stories’ just by being alive. I have a book in me and I have a story to tell. I have a story that needs to be told, otherwise I would not be here.”

– Laurie Beth Jones, author of THE PATH

I, too, have a story that needs to be told. My story is alive in me and I live it out every day.

My story is a journey of discovering my authentic self, purpose, and passion. It began, as most journeys do with heartbreak and disappointment.

Years went by pretty fast and at age 40 I realized the doctors were right. I wasn’t going to be a mother. I had known for a long time I was not going to be a mother. To
handle that heartbreak and disappointment I got busy with life; went back to college and received another degree, volunteered at church to work with young people. At 40, I was done with school and had just completed 10 years of serving with the youth group. I KNEW there was something else out there for me, but did not know what or how to find it.

As a result of asking myself the question “Now what?,” my journey began. I had to discover that if I was not going to be a mom, then I had to give myself permission to find this amazing woman who had something to offer.

My journey to discover the unique, authentic person that I am has led to this story, this book. I share my story because this journey of discovery is not just available to me, but available to every woman. That means YOU!



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