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The List

In 2006 I attended a course in Atlanta to learn how to be a life coach. It was a week long, intense course. One of the exercises during the course was called “The List.” Ask yourself “What do I want?” and make a list of 10 items. I thought to myself,  really? Are you serious? I get to
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Time Out

When was the last time you took time out for play, for fun, or just time out for yourself without feeling guilty about it? As your Coach I want to encourage you to take time for yourself. This is not selfish, but necessary. Some of us do not even know how to have fun. Fun? Are you kid
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Speak life because words are powerful |Miriam Ezell

Words are Powerful!

Words can build up or tear down. Words can make someone’s day or break it. Not only what you way but how you say it. Words are powerful. Would you agree? As your Coach, I want to encourage you to say words that edify and encourage. Say the following affirmations OUT LOUD. It is OK to
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Power of Journaling

Friday mornings with Coach Miriam … Good morning! I am beginning a blog and will post on Friday mornings. I want to inspire you, to encourage you, to share tips and tools in order to live a life with more purpose and meaning. Feel free to share with friends and family. Grab a cup of c
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Do you tend to gravitate to Earth?

Today we will focus on the personality trait; EARTH, introduced in the 4 Elements of Success™. Some of the characteristics of Earth include grounding, foundational, order, steady and solid. Earth is perfectly poised and balanced at all times. Earth stores and saves and works silently
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