Coaching is becoming the buzz word these days as Executives take advantage of Coaching and understand the value it brings.  For an executive, coaching helps to raise their awareness, learn what is holding them back from advancement, improve their self-confidence, become more effective with communicating just to name a few.

Research from Henley Business School found that individual and team coaching are the top leadership and development tools for business; and that 83% of organizations intend to make use of coaching, with external coaches preferred.

Let’s get more specific.

Here are some advantages of using a Leadership Coach:

  1. The Coach acts as a listener. The Coaching relationship is about trust.  The Coach acts as an independent listener and sounding board and the leader is more open to share information personally and professionally knowing this is a confidential relationship.
  2. By working with a Coach, the leader can align their goals with the company’s  goals and be held accountable by the Coach to reach their goals.
  3. We know each leader is unique and is motivated in a different way, the Coach is trained to identify that uniqueness, learn what drives them, and can customize a plan along with the individual.
  4. Enhance Leadership Skills. By working with a Coach to motivate their leadership skills they will be stretched to learn and understand others and communicate more effectively.
  5. Self-Awareness. The leader will be challenged by their Coach to discover their own emotions and how the emotions play a role in self-discovery and in understanding others.
  6. By working with a Coach, the high performance individual will be strengthened and challenged.
  7. The Coach becomes a cheerleader and support for the leader which motivates them to push forward.
  8. The Coach is able to address derailing behavior and challenge them to change, motivating them to become self-aware.


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